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What is needed 

 - A mobile device that is able to connect to the internet

 - An administrator who can upload pdfs and assign training schedules

 - A lap top / PC / mobile device for the admin to assign

 - 10 - 15 mins initial set up time for both admin and players 

-  A location for training to take place

What it will do 

 The system will allow the admin the ability to not only see in real time player training schedules and modules and that they have been completed, it allows an ability to look back at any given date and see what was done and by whom. The dynamic button functionality will allow the admin to set questions to the squad and have them answered in real time from their phone. We find wellness questionaires and health questionaires the most popular.

What we do 

We will set up your admin panel / training log so that is in your club colours with your club logo and that is only visible by the people that you want to see it ( ie managers / coaches etc ). Each players information is kept on a data base that can only be viewed by the management team. We will go through the simple to use set up procedure with both the club and the players and we will be on hand to set up the system and give you tips on how to get the best out of it and use it to its full capacity. 

How it really helps 

Our main aim is player accountability and seeing in real time that players away from the group are training to the modules set out by the coaches. Added benefits are the squad training tracking system that allows a full analysis of squad participation at the push of a button. The dynamic button functionality can be used for wellness or health pop ups, match analysis or even a quick quiz for the squad. Really there is no limit to what you an use it for. 

Nothing like it in the world 

There are many individual / squad training apps in the world, but none like this where the location / time / date and training module are pre set and the player is expected to be at the training point on time - every time. Player accountability is the key to our systems success and we can help you achieve training uniformity even with players in different locations. 

  For some clubs the one player plan is all you will need, for others you may want the full squad analysis. Whatever you require we are here for you and will help you achieve your ultimate goal.


          Squad success can only be achieved through the uniformity of collective thought.


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